At 84, Barbara Cook hardly slowing down

“When word came that Barbara Cook was to be saluted at the Kennedy Center Honors, one of the first people to send best wishes was Stephen Sondheim.” Read More Here.

Zoomer Mag / Happy 82nd Birthday, Dick Clark! (VIDEOS)

“All of us remember America’s oldest teenager – now an octogenarian – dropping the ball in Times Square to count down every New Year’s Eve since 1972 – and his game show hosting of The $10,000 Pyramid.” Read More Here + Video
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More Baby Boomers Launch Encore Careers

“A growing number of people approaching retirement are pursuing encore careers, or late-career jobs that pay the bills while providing personal meaning or having a social impact. A new MetLife Foundation and Civic Ventures report estimates that 9 million older workers, or about 9 percent of all people ages 44 to 70, are already in encore careers, up from 8.4 million in 2008.” Read More Here.

How Baby Boomers doomed the exurbs…


“Homes and strip malls in America’s outer-ring suburbs, which contained most of the country’s most expensive homes in the 1990s, are now worth less than what it cost to build them. And the land beneath them is worth effectively zero, says Brookings Institution senior fellow Christopher B. Leinberger, in a powerful op-ed arguing that the future of the country is urban and walkable.” Read More Here.

NYT / The Death of the Fringe Suburb

“Many boomers are now empty nesters and approaching retirement. Generally this means that they will downsize their housing in the near future. Boomers want to live in a walkable urban downtown, a suburban town center or a small town, according to a recent survey by the National Association of Realtors.” Read More Here.