Simon Townshend / Bed of Roses

In case you were wondering what rockers do when they can’t sleep while on the road…

Simon Townshend grabbed his video camera and wandered around the city of Tokyo while touring with Roger Daltrey. This song Bed of Roses is a track from his latest album Looking Out Looking In. It’s a fantastic album.

“Filmed during a few sleepless nights in Tokyo. Technology is so wonderful that I could film, edit and post this to the world in just a few days (doesn’t include the 2 years it took me to record the track though). Hope you enjoy it and feel inclined to hit the ‘like’ and ‘share’ buttons. I’m heading home to London now. Goodbye Japan – great to be leaving you with something special” – Simon Townshend 

Looking Out Looking In is available on iTunes and Amazon.

For more info about Simon Townshend, previous releases and tour dates check out his site.


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