Why Was KitchenAid Tweeting the Debate?

“First of all, why is KitchenAid’s Twitter account in the hands of a drunk 20-year-old frat boy, or some jackass with a similar sense of humor? Is this the same person who handles KitchenAid’s Twitter account on a regular, day-to-day basis?  If so, how did he get this job (I’m guessing this is a guy)?  And while we’re on the subject, what are the qualifications for tweeting for KitchenAid? A lot of Facebook pics with your collection of blenders?” Read More Here.

Why Twitter Is a Better Brand Platform Than Facebook

“Back in 2007, I was practically tarred and feathered when I wrote a post giving reasons why marketers need to pay attention to Twitter. Now that Twitter is six years old and has 140M+ active users, creating over one billion Tweets every three days, the platform is more important than ever before. Here’s what I think today: it’s a stronger platform for advertisers than Facebook will ever be. Read More Here.

NPR / After 40 years on the stand-up stage Steve Martin is still finding new ways to make people laugh.

“After 40 years on the stand-up stage, countless comedy albums and iconic movies, Steve Martin is still finding new ways to make people laugh.” Read More Here.

Huffington / Virality Uber Alles: What the Fetishization of Social Media Is Costing Us All


“Going viral has gone viral. Social media have become the obsession of the media. It’s all about social now: What are the latest social tools? How can a company increase its social reach? Are reporters devoting enough time to social? Less discussed — or not at all — is the value of the thing going viral. Doesn’t matter — as long as it’s social. And viral!” Read More Here.

Why Your Grandpa Is on Facebook

““Old people” on Facebook: They couldn’t beat it, so they joined it. But why? And how did they hear about social media in the first place? They can’t all be simply stalking their younger relatives, can they?” Read More Here